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When an adult is unable to manage his or her own finances or complete various self-care tasks, a conservatorship may be necessary to maintain the individual’s safety and wellbeing. If you are interested in creating a conservatorship for a spouse, partner, parent, sibling or child, you need to consult an experienced attorney who can help you make sure that the arrangement complies with all of the relevant California laws.

About Conservatorships in California

Three basic types of conservatorships exist in California. These conservatorships include:

  • Limited conservatorship. – Limited conservatorships are typically utilized for people with mild disabilities who cannot fully care for themselves but don’t require complete care.
  • General conservatorship. – General conservatorships are usually enacted for individuals who cannot care for themselves or manage their finances at all.
  • Lanterman-Petris-Short conservatorship. – For individuals who have serious mental health issues and require extensive treatment and/or restricted living arrangements, Lanterman-Petris-Short conservatorships can be used.

Not everyone can act as a conservator. In general, to file for a conservatorship, you must be the potential conservatee’s spouse, domestic partner, adult child, parent or sibling. However, other individuals may qualify in certain circumstances. If no suitable individual is available, a public guardian may also be appointed. As a conservator, you may be responsible for a number of tasks related to the conservatee’s care, including arranging for shelter, transportation, meals, housekeeping, clothing, personal care and more.

Hiring an Attorney

All conservatorships must be approved by the court, and the process can be lengthy and daunting. Before the conservatorship can be approved, a petition must be filed, the proposed conservatee and his or her relatives must be informed and a hearing must be completed. For this reason, it is important to consult an attorney if you are interested in arranging a conservatorship. A qualified attorney can help you determine what type of conservatorship is necessary, and he or she can help you establish the conservatorship and comply with the court’s ongoing requirements.

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Barbara D. Hannon has many years of experience setting up conservatorships for clients, petitioning the court for approval and helping clients to manage these conservatorships over time. To learn more about setting up a conservatorship, please contact Hannon Law Office today to schedule a consultation.

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